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The Center for 

Inner Education

and Meditation

About Us

We're dedicated to sharing meditation wisdom and culture with anyone who is interested in learning. There are many benefits to starting meditation, by joining our free courses, you will:

  • Learn profound relaxation to stress-relief techniques

  • Learn methods for overcoming negativity in life such as anger, attachment, jealousy, etc.

  • Learn to understand and take control of your emotions

  • Learn about self-discovery, self-knowledge and developing a growth mindset


Our classes teach the fundamental principles of meditation and allow students to connect with his/her inner lives through simple practices that gradually progress to deeper meditative states. Our national not-for-profit organisation is part of a international community of over 500 meditation centers, with groups from Sydney to Rome. Thanks to our thousands of volunteers all over the world, we're able to provide free meditation classes for all those interested.


Our introductory courses are offered at different times throughout the year. Our introductory course includes topics such as:

  • Deep breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Psychological States

  • Energy and Vitality Development

  • The Growth Mindset and Inner Knowledge

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